Hello Summer- Raechelle Bellus

Hello! Raechelle here today sharing a fun mixed media page. Melinda Sweetman and Tamara Buckler  each created and shared some fabulous mixed-media layouts in the past couple of weeks, and today I am sharing mine.

savingPNG - Copy (8)

I have used the super cute ‘What’s Going Swan?’ cut file to create my layout. I began by adapting the waves in my Studio Software to create a base template by stacking several layers of longated waves, which were also skewed a bit to add some movement and visual interest. This became the base of my stencil. I also created the swan to use.

I won’t lie, it took me a few attempts to get the waves “perfect”.  After some trail and error I found that some blue acrylic paint along with some texture medium was the perfect fit and helped me to create these wonderful waves.

I taped my template to my cardstock and used an old gift card to scoop up the textured medium and scraped across the waves in one fluid motion, moving in one direction, being careful not to move the template.

savingPNG - Copy (2)

I then allowed it to dry a bit prior to removing it. The end result was almost perfect… as you can see, there is a smudge, but this was easily fixable.

The end result is a subtle texture, but it really adds a nice “wow!” factor to the layout.

savingPNG - Copy (3)

I then added some sprinkings of ink which helps create a nice finished mixed-media look.

savingPNG - Copy (7)

The remainder of the layout was just completing the sweet swan and adding little details to bring her to life.

savingPNG - Copy (6)

This was acheived by adding some sequins, a brad, some twine, and a large floral cluster.

savingPNG - Copy (4)

I hope that you have been inspired by my layout, alogn with the super talented Melinda’s and Tamara’s to try a mixed media layout using one of the many fabulous cut files that CUT to YOU has to offer! Head over to the store  and start creating!

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