Today we talk Scrap room Storage

Hello, Creatives!!! A very Happy International Scrapbooking weekend to you… I do hope you have had a chance to get creative, I sure have!  I thought for fun we’d have a little ‘room share’ on the blog;  I know that storing and organising our supplies is just as big a hobby as Scrapbooking itself, right?  So I’ve asked the design team to share their creative space with you!

I thought I’d go first as some of you may have seen these pics before.  After years of scrapping on the kitchen dining room table, I’m now lucky enough to have a bedroom as my space, which also serves as CUT to YOU HQ.  I’ve filled two walls with a combination of Expedit shelves from IKEA as the base for my storage, using the shelves themselves and their tops for all sorts of craft goodies.  I like things to look ‘neat’ from the outside, and I enjoy having spaces that I can hide goodies away so these shelves are good for that.  My room has a vintage feel, as I love pretty things and they inspire me when I’m creating.  I also keep items like my sewing machine, typewriter and Cameo out and ready to go as I find I use them more that way.



Next up is Bernii’s space… Bernii’s space is so wonderfully colourful and we love how she stores similar items together, check out all those Thickers!   We also love that her pic has her little man in there, it’s his usual perch when she scraps and like many rooms, it features a Raskog.


Next up, we have Rachel – I love her compact and very organised space.  She certainly has packed it in right!  We have two photos of her space… the first one is before her new purchase, can you guess what it was?


The second is after her new purchase, a new CAMEO!!  That’s right, Rachel was a Custom Cut customer, who used the files we ship.  After a short time, she fell in love with them so much she went out and purchased a Cameo of her own.  (This actually happens A LOT! and we love it!)  It’s so great that we can give you a way to trial this style of scrapping before you commit to an electronic die cutting machine.  We also love that she decorated it!! (More about that in another blog post!)


Next up we have Tam.  I’m am actually lucky enough to have visited her space! It’s a wonderfully functional space that she built with her new house!  How fun would THAT be? To be able to design a space that fits your new home AND your love of craft!  I’m loving how it has come together, it’s not a huge space but she has effectively used the space and its absolute proof that no matter what size your room is, it can be creative and functional.  We spy her CAMEO there as well; love the mint!



and then we have Raechelle, her space is part of a larger living space.  She is neatly tucked into a corner and also shows us how to make the most of what space you do have.  Portable storage is key in this space, we love that cart and the cute kitty!!


How clever is the use of this built-in cupboard?  Way to stack that paper girl!!


and with every great space, there is a clean desk area free and ready for creating in!  All of the essentials are at arms reach.


and last but not least, we have Melinda’s space which is GAGA GORGEOUS!!!  She very recently changed scrap spaces and boy did she trade up!  So much to see in this space, it takes a few shots – I’m loving the colour co-ordinated goodies here stacked in some IKEA bookshelves.


Isn’t it FAB!!! So bright and white and soooo much SPACE!!!  Yes, we are all jealous (in the best way! xo

So, my top three tips for creating a wonderful scrap space are:

  1. Work with what you have!  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small corner of an existing room or a huge space like Melinda’s.  There is so much you can do with what you have AND, the space does NOT MAKE the maker!
  2. Think about the way you create when you consider storage options.  Like to create by colour? Then store your stash in colour.  Prefer to scrap by theme?  Then group themed items together.  Think about options that use ALL the space in your room, think shelves that make the most of upper space and options for under your work table, it’s all real estate you can use.
  3. Make it your own!  Add your personal touch.  Find things that inspire you and help you feel creative.  A personalised space can do wonders for your creativity!

Thanks for popping by today!