Karantén kifli | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi there, Piroska is here today with my latest layout. I think all of us were faced – during the times of the lockdown – with many photos of people making bread at home. I also tried to make sourdough, but I failed… So I tried to make kifli instead of bread (fortunately I got some yeast and flour at the shop), and I can say, it was a big success because it is soooo delicious! My family said from now on we won’t go to the bakery anymore, even if the lockdowns are over! 😀 (Maybe it was a bad idea of me?? ;-P )

Kifli is one of the most popular bakery goods in Hungary, it is often eaten as a sandwich. The first kifli (Kipfel) was made in Wienna (Austria) in the 16th century. Its shape refers to the victory over the Ottoman sultan and his troops, who wanted to occupy Wienna (and Europe). If you are interested in the recipe, I’m going to share it at the end of my post.

Having such memories I was very happy to find the Bakers Gonna Bake cut file among the May Release. I cut the cut file from smooth white cardstock and backed it with one big sheet of patterned paper and handstiched the edges. They look like the real oven gloves, don’t they?

I mainly used the Abril collection of Lora Bailora, with some embellishments of the Pinkfresh Studio My Favorite Story collection.

I hope I could inspire you to make a similar layout of your home-bakery memories 😉 And for those of you who would like to try it, here is the recipe:

The recipe: 25g fresh yeast (mix with 1 tbs sugar, 150 ml milk and let it stay for about 10 minutes at a warm place), 350g flour (or 250g whole wheat flour + 100g flour), 100ml milk, 25g butter (melted), salt. Just mix everything to get a dough that is good to knead. Cut the dough in half, and roll the one half to a 5mm thick circle (on a floured surface). Cut it into four, you get 4 “triangles”. Starting at the widest side, roll them up and bend a bit to look like a crescent moon. Make it with the other half dough, and you get 8 kiflis in the end. Before putting it into the owen (200°C, appr. 20 minutes), spread a little milk on them to get crispy.