Sunshine state of mind |Gemstone circle |Petra de Vroege

Hi Cut to You lovers!

Thanks for stopping by here on our blog! Today I want to show you the layout I made with the beautiful Gemstone Circle cut file.

I “borrowed” a grand daughter for this cut file, so I could use soft pinks! I cut out the file in different sizes for some variation.

I cut the file from white card stock. I cut the smaller onces several times so I could easily turn them into little shakers, perfect for a little princess!

After cutting the eintire file, I seperated all the shapes so that I could cut the different parts from different papers to back the file. I also kept the two outlines from the outer and inner circle to cut the solid rings you see in the layout. This way you create an extra embellishment from the original cut file.

I backed the larger gemstone circles with colored vellum to let the oxide background peek through. By backing this file, you can easily use it for different projects since you can create a different look every time!

I loved turning the smaller ones into little shakers! Although you can see that my glue-skills where a bit off when I glued the different layers together, I tried to be at ease with my oops… It was not too crooked so I decided to go with it.

I really adore this file! I’m planning to use it again, perhaps for a cute little mini album… Let me know what your plans are with this gemstone of a gemstone!

I’d love to see your work in our Facebook community! Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!