How to Scrapbook with Cut Files | Beginners Guide

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New to scrapbooking with cut files? This blog post is for you! I’ve gathered some essential info to get you started super quickly and easily. Learn how to scrapbook with cut files, the equipment you need and how to get started, plus details of how you can get your very first free SVG design sent directly to your inbox.

What is a Cut File?

A cut file is simply a digital version of an image or text that can be downloaded to your computer. Once downloaded, files can be imported into the electronic die-cutting machine software, manipulated and then sent to cut. Cut files come in a large variety of shapes and designs and texts. Files are typically in either JPG (.jpeg), PNG (.png) or SVG (.svg) format and can be cut from lots of materials including paper and cardstock. You may also find cut files in DXF (.dxf) and EPS (.eps) file formats.

What are SVG Files?

SVG files are particularly useful as cut files. SVG stands for Scaleable Vector Graphic. These file types are super popular because they allow the image to be scaled without changing the quality of the design. Typically, SVG files also come on a transparent background so they are super useful for all kinds of craft projects; not just scrapbooking!

Essentials for Scrapbooking with Cut Files

There are a few things you will need to get started.

  1. A digital die-cutting machine. Brands include Silhouette, Cricut and Brother Scan and Cut. There are several models available for each of these brands. I use a Silhouette Cameo. You will also need a computer to connect the machine to and the cutting machine software. There are free versions of the software for the cutting machines as well as paid versions available. Start off with the free version where you can, it could very well be all that you need.
  2. Cutting Mats. Depending on the brand of machine you purchase, you will need matching cutting mats. There are also unbranded versions at great prices that are compatible with many machines. I use ‘Universal Crafts’ brand. Be sure to check your machine warrantee before using unbranded supplies, this could be a good option once your warrantee period has expired.
  3. Cutting Blades. Depending on the brand of your machine, you will also need matching cutting blades. The Silhouette comes with many options suitable for the different materials you will be able to cut including the ‘Deep Cut’ blade, ‘Auto’ blade and ‘Fabric’ blade.
  4. Machine accessories. If you plan on working a lot with cut files, I’d highly recommend getting a scraper tool. This will help you to remove the design off of the cutting mat once it is cut. There are other tools as well available such as a ‘Weed’ tool which is great if you plan on cutting Vinyl for DIY projects. Planning on only cutting paper and cardstock? The scraper is all you need.
  5. Paper and Cardstock. While any paper will work in the machine, results can be quite varied. For scrapbooking with cut files I recommend the American Crafts Precision Cardstock. It is made for intricate and clean cuts, well worth the little bit extra you will pay for it.

If you’d like even more info on these, you can learn more in this article ‘5 Essentials for Cutting Digital Cut Files‘.

You have all the equipment you need and you’re ready to go, now, you just need a design to cut.

Free SVG Cut Files

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for our Cut File lovers Newsletters, I send free SVG cut files out every month, and you’ll get our ‘You Are Special’ design immediately so you will want to jump on that! You can sign up HERE and it’s free to join. I highly recommend starting off with free SVG designs, they are great to test and play with until you get more confident with your machine.

I also wanted to get you some inspiration using the free SVG design I mentioned above. This layout documents a sweet mother/daughter moment. Love the title for this page? It’s our ‘You Are Special‘ design which you can grab for FREE right HERE just by signing up. What a lovely reminder to your loved ones of just how special they are no matter what the season.

How to Scrapbook with Cut Files?

Need more help to get started? Want to learn exactly how to scrapbook with cut files? Check out my YouTube channel filled with hundreds of Scrapbooking Ideas, Tutorials and instructional videos.

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Still have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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