Love Heart Rows | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi there, it’s Piroska here today with my latest layout. Or rather two layouts. Because today I’d like to show you how you can make 2 layouts from one cut of a cut file using only one patterned paper.

I chose the Love Heart Rows cut file from the April Release. When we first could travel to the Lake Balaton after the Lockdown, we were all extremly happy. We just couldn’t stop looking at the lake… and suddenly my daughter hugged me around my neck and said: “I love you…” That made me melt… So for keeping this memory in form of a scrapbook layout, I needed a cut file with lots of hearts 😉

First I cut the cut file from a patterned paper from the Bloom Street collection (Pink Paislee, Paige Evans). I just love that big floral paper, it has such beautiful colours! I put the cut file in the middle of the paper.

I cut down a white cardstock to 9″x12″, and glued it on the rest of the patterned paper. This time I didn’t want to use it as a frame, just as a border, the right one is wider than the one on the left. I also machine stitched the left and right sides.

I glued down the Cut File, and I wanted to add the hearts to some of the holes, but it looked too busy, so I let the Cut File stand on its own, and decorated it with some cut out flowers. Finally I played a little with dimensions by using foam adhesive.

Lets have a look at the other layout. I wanted to use the remained hearts of the Love Heart Rows cut file. I really liked Anna Blades’ layout made for the iNSD 2020 challenge over at Cocoa Vanilla Studio, so I used that as an inspiration. I get out a white cardstock, arranged the hearts on the left in 3 coloumns as if it was a patterned paper.

Before glueing them down, I got out a heart stencil (SrapUp), and made some hearts in the middle of the right side using modelling paste. Then I got my liquid watercolors of Pinkfresh Studio (blue, purple) and one of Ecoline (pink). I slightly coloured over the hearts – I used some water to get solid colours.

Then I added some splashes on the whole layout using bolder colours. I glued down the hearts, mat my photo with patterned papers and added some stickers to the layout. This photo was taken after the previous one, is just as precious to me as the one with my daughter.

I can’t decide, which layout I prefer more 😀 I hope I could inspire you to make more out of one cut! Go to the shop and grab some awesome cut files from the June Release! I can’t wait to use them!

Karantén kifli | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi there, Piroska is here today with my latest layout. I think all of us were faced – during the times of the lockdown – with many photos of people making bread at home. I also tried to make sourdough, but I failed… So I tried to make kifli instead of bread (fortunately I got some yeast and flour at the shop), and I can say, it was a big success because it is soooo delicious! My family said from now on we won’t go to the bakery anymore, even if the lockdowns are over! 😀 (Maybe it was a bad idea of me?? ;-P )

Kifli is one of the most popular bakery goods in Hungary, it is often eaten as a sandwich. The first kifli (Kipfel) was made in Wienna (Austria) in the 16th century. Its shape refers to the victory over the Ottoman sultan and his troops, who wanted to occupy Wienna (and Europe). If you are interested in the recipe, I’m going to share it at the end of my post.

Having such memories I was very happy to find the Bakers Gonna Bake cut file among the May Release. I cut the cut file from smooth white cardstock and backed it with one big sheet of patterned paper and handstiched the edges. They look like the real oven gloves, don’t they?

I mainly used the Abril collection of Lora Bailora, with some embellishments of the Pinkfresh Studio My Favorite Story collection.

I hope I could inspire you to make a similar layout of your home-bakery memories 😉 And for those of you who would like to try it, here is the recipe:

The recipe: 25g fresh yeast (mix with 1 tbs sugar, 150 ml milk and let it stay for about 10 minutes at a warm place), 350g flour (or 250g whole wheat flour + 100g flour), 100ml milk, 25g butter (melted), salt. Just mix everything to get a dough that is good to knead. Cut the dough in half, and roll the one half to a 5mm thick circle (on a floured surface). Cut it into four, you get 4 “triangles”. Starting at the widest side, roll them up and bend a bit to look like a crescent moon. Make it with the other half dough, and you get 8 kiflis in the end. Before putting it into the owen (200°C, appr. 20 minutes), spread a little milk on them to get crispy.

Happy Mother’s Day | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi there, Piroska is here today with my latest layout. In Hungary we celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May, so I was very happy to see a great new Mother’s Day cut file among the May Release.

I haven’t seen my parents since January, and I still don’t know when I am going to meet them again, because of the pandemic and beacuse we live far from each other. This year I wanted to thank their love, my mother’s love with the help of scrapbooking, so I made this layout for her.

I cut the cutfile from the heart patterned paper of the Bloom Street collection of Paige Evans (Pink Paislee). I wanted to have a border of that paper too, so I set the cut file in the middle.

I glued the letters with foam tape, it gives a special look.

Finally I added some patterned papers behind the photo ans some cut ots and stickers to the layout.

I hope, you like my inspiration, and make a similar layout for Mother’s Day. Check the other cut files in the Mother’s Day section too! 😉

Home Bodies collection | Piroska Czakó-Radványi

Hi there, it’s Piroska here today with my latest share. I hope you are all doing well, and have time, energy and inspiration to create something. In these days scrapbooking has become my shelter, a place where I can forget about everything, even more than before. Besides the 12″x12″ layouts I like to document the everydays in a Traveller’s Notebook, and now in a Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters insert. The insert is 7.5″x9″, so it is perfect for using cut files in it.

And the new Home Bodies collection makes it easy to fill the pages in no time. The cut files help in designing the pages, and they just look great.

I used the Hashtag Stay Safe and the Our Street cut files as usual: cut them from smooth white cardstock and backed them with patterned paper.

I cut the Isolation Staycation cut file from patterned paper, and as I loved the left overs on my cutting mat, I decided to use them as a background on the other side of the spread.

I didn’t want to throw away the white letters that were left either, so I used my watercolours to give them some colour.

I hope I could inspire you to use the cut files also in a smaller format. Get the new cut files at the shop, and have some quiet minutes, hours just for yourself and your hobby!

Easter Blessings | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hello there, Piroska is here today with my latest layout for CUT to YOU. April is here (can’t believe it!) and Easter is coming. In Hungary there are many fun Easter traditions: on Easter Sunday the parents hide some chocolate eggs, bunnies in the courtyard in the grass (or in the flat), and say, the Easter Bunny has brought them. On Easter Monday the boys come to sprinkle the girls with perfume or water. My father used to wake me up with a glas of water on this day! 😛 The sprinkling is essential for not fading like a flower, they say. The girls, in return, give them hand-painted eggs and treat them well with home made cakes and some drink. (it can have negative effects next day 😛 )

I chose a photo of my daughter looking for some sweets hidden in the grass by the Easter bunny. For this layout I paired the Easter Blessings cut file with the Trio Flower Add On Cluster cut file.

I used the Happiness collection of Cocoa Vanilla Studio for my whole layout.

First I cut the Easter Blessings cut file from smooth white cardstock, then started backing them with several patterned papers from the 6×6 paper pad. I cut 2 of the flowers from the Trio Flower Add On Cluster cut file, I used different patterned papers as I was not sure.

First I wanted to use a softer background, but didn’t like it, so changed it to this darker one.

I arranged everything to create a line design.

I added the cut flowers and the fussy-cut butterflies, and was ready.

I hope you liked my inspiration and make similar layouts with your old or new Easter photos! Do show it in the CUT to YOU Facebook group if you do! And now, have a look at the Spring & Easter section in the shop 😉

Wowza! Miniversum | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Miniversum is a great, detailed model layout featuring Hungary’s beautiful sights and places in an interactive exhibition. Unfortunately it closes at the end of the month, so we decided in January to have a look. I made tons of photos while having fun.

When I first saw the Stepped Cubes cut file, I thought it would be great to scrap this memory.

I cut the Stepped Cubes cut file from smooth white cardstock, and printed my photos in different sizes as I wanted to back some of the quadrangles with mini photos.

Then I started to back the cut file with patterned paper, I used a 6″x6″ paper pad of Pinkfresh Studio My Favourite Story collection.

When I was ready, I glued the cut file with foam adhesive on a patterned paper of the same collection. I added some flowers from the cut outs, my title, comment, enamel dots, and even used some stamps.

I hope you like my inspiration. Go to the shop and grab the new cut files from the March Release! They are awesome! 🙂

Waiting for Sunny Days | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi there, Piroska is here today with my latest layout. As you know, I just love leaves in scrapbooking, so I immediately fell in love with the beautiful Lots of Leaves cut file.

I really like the colours of the Looking for Sunshine paper of the Pinkfresh Studio My favourite story collection. I decided to cut my leaves from that paper, making it a bit ombre by arranging the cut file so that it reaches 2 similar colours. This way are the leaves 3″ tall.

I cut 12 leaves, 3 in each colour combo, but for the layout I used 10 of them. On a single white cardstock they looked a bit pale. I didn’t want to use watercolours this time, so I chose the Joyful Heart paper with those rainbow and (almost) the same colours as my leaves.

And it was time to play: I put my photo which I matted before with several patterned papers on the left rainbow above. I used many flower cut outs and my digital cut leaves to frame my photo – it was made at Lake Balaton (Hungary), at the beginning of our holiday. The weather was not so good, not cold but not good enough for going to the beach. So that’s what my title is about,which I also framed by some leaves.

I hope you like my layout and could inspire you to use leaves on your works. Get over to the CUT to YOU shop and grab some leaves design, Gwen has made several beautiful cut files!

Yay! This is The Best | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi, Piroska here today with my latest layout. My daughter has just started school in September, and started to go to a Rock&Show course, as she just loves dancing. After couple of months she got the opportunity to go to a dance competition with her friends in January. This photo on my layout was taken by her teacher, who captured their happiness as they heard the good news. All the way home they were shouting: Yay! Yay! I am in! I’ll go to the competition! 😀


I was very glad to find the Yay Yay Yay Background cut file in the CUT to YOU shop, as it matches my theme perfectly. I used a smooth white cardstock for cutting and chose a bright colourful background paper from the Unforgettable collection of Cocoa Vanilla Studio. I wanted the cut file to pop as it is part of my title and important part of my theme.

I backed my photo with some patterned papers, cut out some butterflies and arranged my photo and a journal card with some floral cut outs on the bottom right corner of the layout. In order to balance the page I added some butterflies and stickers up into the left corner.

I also played with dimensions by using 3D foam adhesive and curling up the wings of the butterflies. I finally added some clear stickers, enamel dots, the title and foam hearts.

I love how easily you can make a page by using a background cut file! Look around in the shop, you can find some goodies 😉

Love You & Me | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi there, Piroska is here today with a romantic layout featuring a cut file from the February Release. This month’s offer is full of love and hearts, which are perfect for those love-themed layouts or Valentine cards. Check them out – I just love them all!

These days are the 13th anniversary of getting to know each other with my husband. I’ve chosen the Love You & Me cut file for this occasion, from which I first wanted to make a pinky Valentine Day-ish layout, but then decided to take on the floral romantic line.

I cut the cut file from smooth white cardstock and used the My Mind’s Eye Splendor collection for backing it. The florals in the file are so beautiful, I wanted to highlight them by backing the file with floral patterns and fussy cutting some flowers from a patterned paper.

I chose a white spotted peach coloured cardstock as a background paper and glued the cut file with foam adhesive on it, in order to add some dimension to the cut file. I backed my photo, and added the fussy cut flowers and chipboard stickers to the cut file. I arranged them by composing a visual triangle, and I repeated it with the enamel dots as well.

I really love the result – what about you? Go and grab this cut file (and some others) from the shop and start creating a similar layout today!

Thanks for reading and happy scrapping!

Love You | Piroska Czako-Radvanyi

Hi, it’s Piroska here today with my layout using the Leaf Duo cut file from the January Release.

As I told you in my introduction, I just love leaves, and now I dreamed of a bunch of them, surrounding my photo as a curtain.

First I downsized the cut file to 5 inches, and duplicated them 4 times. As I wanted to cut as many leaves out of the 12″ white smooth cardstock as just possible, I selected only one leaf for tracing, and then the other one, so I managed to cut 12 leaves all at once: 2 singles on the right, and 2 other singles on the bottom, rotated 90°. (I print screened my screen, but sorry, my Silhouette Studio programme speaks Hungarian…)

I cut out 20 leaves altogether. When I was ready with cutting, I started to make my layout. First I used modeling paste with an old stencil that has similar leaves as a pattern.

Then I added the leaves. I wanted them to look like a willow in the wind, so I only glued the stem of the branch and curled the leaves by hand.

First I backed my photo with a heavy cardstock, then with a white vellum and a silver net and I glued it down using foam adhesive. I added my foam title also in white colour, to stay at the monochromatic style. Finally I added some translucent NUVO Jewel Drops.

I hope I could inspire you to make a similar layout, it is such a fun! Go and grab the cut file from the shop!

Thanks for reading and happy scrapping!