Oh So Happy|Sara Scraps

Hello Everyone! Sara with you today to share a new layout featuring the new August releases from the Cut To You Shop!

I started my layout by creating an easy watercolor background to give it the look of a blue sky.

I started my layout by backing my cut files. I chose to work with two of the new releases- Oh So Happy and Orchid Bloom .

I embellished my layout with just few little touches. You don’t need a lot of embellishment when you are using multiple cut files- just a couple of small touches. I chose small die cuts, wood veneer, and some little clear bubbles to enhance my photo.

I added some inking to the bottom of the Orchid Blooms cut file. It gives the cut file a bit of extra dimension and POP! I just love how this whole layout came out. Fun, bright, and sweet! Perfection! You can check out all the fun details in my process video below and dont forget to swing by the shop HERE to get some new cut files for your August crafting adventures!

Have A Lovely Day!



Hey Creatives! Gwen here today with something a little different but highly requested. I am often asked how I back my cut files, so I thought it would be fun to put together a little video with some tips and show you how I go about it.

If you are just after some quick tips here are my top 3:

  1. Use less glue than you think you need. As you press the cut file onto the pattern paper the glue will ooze out towards the edges so less is definitely more here.
  2. Use scissors you find comfortable to work with, especially if you are doing a lot of backing at once. Choose fussy cutting scissors over regular scissors, you want a scissor that has a fine tip to help you get into tight corners around the design.
  3. Practice, practice, practice…. I promise you will get better and faster at it with time.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I back cut files and find this video useful. While you’re on YouTube be sure to Like and Subscribe for more videos… I’ll be sharing more Scrapbooking process videos soon 🙂

Until next time,

Adorable You | Sara Scraps

Hello Everyone! I have a new layout to share today featuring the new Two Cute Tassels and Adorable You cut files. Im also playing along with one of the CSI Challenge Blog inspiration pieces for June.

I backed the tassels with patterns from a 6X6 paper pad and then added glossy accents to the balls and bows of the tassels to give them some shine and a bit of dimension. Next I added some hemp fiber to “string” them at different lengths from the top of my page.

Behind my tassels I added just a little bit of ink…the ink gives the tassels a little definition against the white cardstock and adds just a bit of color. I decided to pull the layout all together by adding the color throughout my layout.

I added the color and the glossy accents to the title as well. And then I just added a few light clusters of embellishments to accent the title and a small cluster at the top to draw your eye around my layout.

Be sure to grab some of these gorgeous tassel files HERE and while you are there take a peek around. You are sure to find something you love! And if you would like to see more of the details of my project you can check out my process video below.

Have A Lovely Day!

30 Ways to use Cut Files on your Scrapbook Layouts

Hey Creatives!

How are you all? Gwen with you on the blog today, and I have something I’ve been asked about A LOT! I’m frequently getting messages for ideas on How to use Cut Files on scrapbooking layouts so I thought, why not give you a whole bunch of ideas to get you inspired! Cut Files really are so flexible and useful, which is why I love them so much! First up though, do you love FREEBIES? Make sure you sign up for our Cut File lovers Newsletters, I send two free designs every month, so you will want to jump on that! You can sign up here.

30 Ways to use Cut Files on your Scrapbook Layouts

Now, onto the ideas I have for you… I challenge you to give them all a try!

#1 As a layout title. Cut files make amazing layout titles that are super inexpensive and so so flexible. This design features the ‘You Are Special‘ cut file which you can grab for FREE here.

#2 Frame it! There are many cut file designs that feature frames. These designs are so great to work with because you have a ‘spot’ for your photos ready and waiting to go, who doesn’t love that! This balanced layout structure is a personal favourite. ‘Roses and Frames‘ design.

#3 As a repeating pattern. This ‘Smell the Roses‘ design has been repeated and positioned around the page for a really striking design feature. The roses direct the eye towards the centre of the page.

#4 Help document the details of your story. School photos can be tricky, years blend into the next after time. This ‘Grade School‘ cut file helps to document the details of the layout. By choosing pattern papers carefully, parts of the cut file design stand out and can really help the viewer quickly identify details in the story.

#5  Turn them into shaker pockets. Um… sequins, yes, please! For this page, I’ve cut the ‘Camera Beautiful You‘ design to fit the layout background. I’ve then backed with vellum and pattern paper and added sequins in between the layers to create a shaker pocket. So fun!

#6  White on White. There is something striking about a white cut file on a white background. This cut file ‘Garden Background‘ is a great choice as the extra detail in the design really set the page off. It adds real texture and interest that I just love.

#7  Double it up! For this layout, the large feature cut file (Floral Banner) has been cut twice, once in dark blue and secondly in white. The dark blue cut of the file acts as a shadow to the white design. It’s such a striking addition to this page.

#8 As a large background feature. The ‘Bows on Strings‘ cut file used here really creates a striking element on this simple page design. For interest, some of the bows have been backed in pattern paper, with others left open to show through to the background. A page like this is super quick to pull together.

#9 On a dark background. Placing white cut files over a dark or bold background adds a striking element to any page. The extra beauty of this technique is that no backing is required so if you are not a fan of fussy cutting, this tip is a winner. I’ve used the ‘Winter Wonderland‘ page builder file for this layout.

#10 Cut out of pattern paper. This cut file design has been cut from pattern paper. Not only does it add a striking element to the page, but saves time with no need to back it. Simply add to your page, add photos and a few embellishments and you are done! ‘Trio Flower Cluster‘ design.

#11 Be ‘punny’, it’s fun! The cut file ‘Brace Yourself‘ on this page is a fun pun that relates to the photos. It would also work for an adventure page, you can get really creative with your titles so go for it!

#12 Add a clean mixed media element – You can add all kinds of mixed media paints and sprays to your cut files. I love doing this and then adding them to a clean background for a clean mixed media look. For this page, I’ve added Distress Ink to several cuts of the ‘Celebration Flowers‘ files in various colours. I’ve added colour blocking for the embellishments and teamed this all with a black and white photo that pops!

#13 To help with your layout design. In this page, the cut file ‘Butterfly Garden‘ fills a large part of the page. When using files like this your design choices are limited, which actually helps pages come together faster. There are fewer embellishments required and limited photo positions available. This stops that shuffle I know you do (because I do it too!)

#14 Double Up! Using two different cut files on your page is double the fun! For this page, I’ve used both to help tell my story. The ‘Sunny Skies‘ design acts as a background and the ‘Summer Days‘ file is my page title.

#15 To add a bold feature title to your layout. Let’s face it, alphas such as ‘Thickers’ can be expensive, cut files give you a similar bold look at a fraction of the price. This ‘Traveller Background‘ is the perfect bold title for this vacation-inspired layout. I’ve layered it on top of the globe element from the same cut file and some watercolour inspired pattern paper for the win!

#16 To maximise negative space. This ‘Stitch Heart Geo‘ design was the perfect addition on this page to fill in the blank space of the background. These designs are also some of the easiest to work with as they simply need layering onto pattern paper. The paper shows through the design, no need for fussy cutting to get a ‘backed’ look!

#17 To reinforce your story. Every element on your scrapbook page should help you tell your story. In this page, the ‘Book Stack‘ design is a perfect fit for this photo at our local library.

#18 DIY inexpensive embellishments. The cut files in this layout may not be as noticeable as those in other pages shared here, but they are working just as hard. For this page, I simply cut out two leaf designs ‘Leaf Duo‘ and used them as a base for my embellishment cluster. Embellishments can be expensive so these leaf elements are a great option for those of us scrapping on a budget!

#19 To help create a scene. The photo in this layout was taken on a sailing boat, but you can’t really tell that from the photo, especially at first glance. The ‘Set Sail‘ cut file design really helps the viewer to get a feel for where the photo was taken, it helps set the scene of the photo to theme the page.

#20 To document small moments. This photo was just a quick snapshot, a silly photo of my daughter on her phone, but it tells a story of my Miss 13 and her love for technology. I love documenting the small moments in life as well as the big ones, it’s so important. The cut file ‘Chit Chat‘ I’ve used here expands on that idea, giving me a space for some typed journalling that fits in the theme.

#21 Use as a design element. Cut file designs don’t have to directly relate to your photo. More generic designs such as these ‘Quad Frames‘ are so versatile and can be used on so many different styles of pages. I’ve added them to this page as they help draw the eye to the central design elements and most importantly the photo.

#22 Go Monochromatic. For this layout, I’ve pulled a stack of a blue/green papers and elements in my stash to create this Monochromatic layout. I’ve mixed and matched the papers to back my ‘Happiness‘ cut file. It still surprises me just how few supplies you actually need when working with a cut file. They really extend your stash and this technique is a great way to stash bust!

#23 To document family holidays. Back from vacay and have a bunch of photos to scrapbook? Cut files can really help pull your pages together fast and give a consistent look in travel albums. This page features our ‘Makin Waves‘ design which has been coloured with watercolours. The waves in the design really fit with the Summer vacation theme and could easily be repeated throughout an album with a sailing or summer theme.

#24 To give your photos context. The ‘Conversation‘ cut file on this page not only acts as a wonderful background and base for my photos and embellishments for the layout but gives the photo context and helps tell the story.

#25 Add a repeated pattern. This ‘Speech Bubble‘ design has been cut twice to fill the centre of this layout. Many cut file designs can be cut out several times and then repeated on your page for a fun effect. Any repeated pattern can help your layout design feel more consistent.

#26 Colour blocking. Cut file are a great way to add clean colour blocking to your page. For this layout, I’ve used the ‘Intersecting Hearts‘ cut file which I’ve repeated down my page and then added a plain pattern paper to back them. This creates three blocks of colour which creates a base for my photos and embellishments.

#27 To document special occasions. I don’t know about you, but I find scrapbooking ‘special events’ so much harder than scrapbooking ‘everyday’ photos. The pressure to make the page ‘good enough’ for that special photo can seem overwhelming! This is where very specific cut file designs come in really handy. It doesn’t matter to me that I’ll possibly only ever use them once, they are so inexpensive it’s worth it to help me get that very special photo scrapbooked! Cut files used on this page are part of the ‘Christmas collection‘.

#28 Add Floral elements to your page. Flower embellishments can be expensive and can add a lot of bulk to your page. Floral Cut Files such as these ‘Lily of the Valley‘ can give that same look, especially when teamed with some fussy cut die cuts and layered leaves. I love that you can reuse these over and over and make them fit any scrapbook layout just by changing up the pattern papers you use to back them.

#29 Cut them up! You don’t have to use a cut file design as a whole element on your page. They are really great for chopping up and changing up the design. This file ‘Flowers and Frames‘ actually has two square photo boxes as part of it. I’ve chopped those off and used just the floral elements for this layout. Think outside the box and you can get several looks from the one design.

#30 To help you use up your stash. This layout is one from our KIT to YOU collection. These exclusive designs help you use up your stash with Step x Step instructions and a special ‘Shop your Stash’ section, so no going out for new supplies, you can use what you have! ‘Flower Band Kit‘. Find out more about KIT to YOU here.

I hope this list really helps to give you some ideas for creating with Cut Files, they really are so versatile!  Just one more thing before you go… Now that you are all inspired and have a stack of layout ideas to try, why not download our FREE Project Planner Template?

Why not print out a bunch and get planning!  If you’d love to have these in a pad format shipped to you, you can also shop them here!

Until next time,


Hey Creatives, Gwen with you here on the blog, Happy Wednesday! I’m sharing a fun Summer themed layout with you today. I’ve been digging through some older pictures of Miss C and found this super sweet one and just had to create with it.

I was actually on a family vacation when making this page. I had limited supplies with me and wanted to pull this layout together pretty quickly. I decided on just the one cut file, this one is called ‘Open Leaf‘ and just the one scrapbook collection. This is from Simple Stories called ‘Hello Summer‘. I do this when I really want to take the guesswork out of mixing and matching my supplies. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time backing the design so I came up with the idea to cut it out really large and make it a background layer, I’ve worked it as a base element into my flower clusters and just love the white-on-white look.

So, I’ve actually built this page by positioning my photo and the cut file first. I did back my photo with just the one photo mat and added some foam and stitching as I normally do. Then, I positioned it on top of the cut file. From there, I’ve then worked on my element clusters working outwards from the photo.

For many of the elements, I have fussy cut them from the collections pattern paper. I do this a lot, that is, cut out a stack of elements from a collection and then simply mix and match to build my clusters. Some parts of the clusters sit flat to the page, others are raised with foam tape for dimension.

I’ve worked on the idea of having 3 main cluster elements, one on the left of the photo, one on the right and then one at the top of the page. I feel this helps draw the eye around the page and they all help bring the eyes to rest on the photo.

Once my main clusters were locked into position, I’ve pulled elements from the Chipboard and Die Cut pack to add more details and fill in the clusters. Again, I just ‘audition’ every piece until I’m happy. ***Side note, this IS why my pages take me forever, I have to try all the things*** I just keep going and adding until I’m happy with how everything looks.

And, that was the page done! I am really happy with all the little details in this one and at how fast it came together. I wanted to show you that you don’t always have to back the files on your pages, there really are lots of ways to incorporate them. As always, if this has inspired you to make a page, I’d love you to share it in our Facebook group so we can all see, we have such a fun and supportive community, come say Hi!

Until next time,

So Much Fun | Melinda Sweetman

Hello everyone and welcome to the CUT to YOU blog today! Melinda here and I am really excited to share this fun, bright mixed media scrapbook layout with you!

As you can see I have used the Burst Circles cut file – an older file but oh so fun!! This has been cut in textured white cardstock.

I have backed all of the open bursts with some papers by Elle’s Studio’s “Noteworthy” collection and then for the bursts with only the centre open I have created shaker pockets! If you haven’t ever created a shaker pocket they really are easy and look so so good! You can the process in my YT process video linked below otherwise read on for a bit of a step-by-step!

Since I was creating with a geometric shape (circles) this was really easy to piece together. First up I grabbed some acetate and punched some circles with a couple of punches. For this make sure the circles are a bit bigger than the circles in the cut file so you can apply adhesive to the back of the cut file and then stick the acetate to the cut file. Add some foam tape all the way around the back of circle (where you can’t see it), on top of the acetate. Fill your little circular well with sequins of choice. And finally using your punches again create circles a bit bigger than the cut file and adhere (I always use wet adhesive for this) to the back of the foam tape!

With all of the work done on my cut file I was ready to get my page together! I have used some Prima water colours in co-ordinating colours behind each of the bursts and then splatters too.

Since I had come this far with matching colours I figured I may as well continue on with that and pulled ephemera and stickers from the same (and other) Elle’s Studio collection! I layered some pieces behind the cut file and some on top and really, really love how this came together!

My final touches (which I didn’t get on camera, sorry!) were to use the pen I journalled in to sketch around the shaker bursts and add in a doodled border around the edge and then finally using my black india ink I added black splatters to each of my embellishment clusters to pull everything together.

I really hope you have enjoyed my share today with this older file (so fun and available here in store) but remember you can always find the brand new releases over on the website simply by clicking on the “What’s New” button! Stay scrappy my crafty friends and I shall see again next month with my next share!

5 Essentials for Cutting Digital Cut Files

Hey Creatives,

Gwen with you on the blog today, I hope you are well.   I get asked all of the time about what I would recommend to anyone looking at getting an electronic die cutting machine for the first time.  There is a lot of info out there and it can be overwhelming, so, today I thought I’d share my personal recommendations for starting out; what you DO and don’t need.  

Before I get to my 5 essentials, you will want to be sure to grab this FREE digital design, direct from my store… FREE designs are perfect for beginners and it will give you a file to have a play with once you get your machine.

Ok… so now here are my 5 essentials, get these and you’re ready to get creating!

First things first, you need a cutting machine!

My recommendation will always be a Silhouette and in particular a Cameo.  I personally cut with a Cameo 3 however there is a new model recently released –  Cameo 4.  I haven’t heard enough reviews at this stage to confidently recommend the Cameo 4, but I’d definitely recommend the Cameo 3.    You can see the Cameo 3 features here.  I’ve found specifications for the Cameo 4 here.  You will want to have a think about the types of projects you will be working on to make your choice.  Currently, Cameo 3 is doing a stellar job of meeting the needs of CUT to YOU and myself.

Also, you will need a computer of some sort as well as the FREE Silhouette Studio Software which you can download here.  A great idea is to download the software before you even buy a machine and have a play.  Check out the features and see if its right for you.

Next, cutting mats.  Now if you are under warranty, you should not use anything but genuine Silhouette parts.  Doing so will void your warranty!  Once you are out of warranty, I’d recommend the Universal Crafts 12 x 12 inch sticky Cutting Mats.  Currently, these are $6.99 compared to the Silhouette mats at $17.99, so a great cost-saving especially if you are cutting a lot like I do!

Next, blades.  Now, this is tricky because I’m still on the fence about the auto blade.  Cameo 3 and 4 now work with an automatically adjusting blade called the Autoblade (Side note! **The Cameo 4 auto blade is different to the Cameo 3 auto blade) and in theory, it’s great in that you don’t have to adjust the blade to different settings for your different materials.  My experience though is that it is fickle… it’s very sensitive and I have had a couple last only a few weeks!  I pretty much only cut on white card so I don’t need to adjust blade settings much at all, so, I’m personally thinking of switching back to the Premium blade.  The Auto blade is $17.99 and the Premium Blade $26.99 but the Premium blade does last 3 times as long as the regular blade.  Deep cutting and fabric blades are also available, you don’t need these to start… but hey, if you are feeling adventurous go for it!

Next up.. Accessories.  The only one I think you 100% need is the scraper.  You can buy them individually or as part of a tool kit.  The weeding tools are handy if you are planning on cutting vinyl but if your machine is just for papercraft, you absolutely don’t need them.  The scraper, on the other hand, is a must-have to help get your files off that sticky mat.

And lucky last cardstock…  I have been using American Crafts basic cardstock but I am considering changing over to their new Precision option once I’m out of my current stock.  I am getting some issues with the paper splitting as I pull it off my cutting mat and I’ve heard this will fix that.  You can see more about that here.  I’ll update with my thoughts once I’ve had a chance to fully trial the Precision card.  Remember too you can cut on any pattern paper as well which is always a really nice effect.  My favourite pattern paper to use are by Cocoa Vanilla Studio and Pink Fresh Studio – both beautiful quality and nice and thick.

And that’s it… the 5 things you need to start cutting your own digital cut files.

OK… so not quite it… I get so so many questions about the glue I use when working with the files so I’ve added here my two favourites.  The first is the one I use, it’s called Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Glue.  I actually take mine out of the bottle it comes in and put it into a ‘Fine Liner’ Bottle (make sure you get the Yellow one, not the Blue one).  I have personally had my bottle for years and years but you do have to remember to put the lid on when you are done using it because the tip is so fine it will clog easily if left ‘un-capped’, so be diligent ok! xo



Now, that really is it creatives!  The six things you NEED when working with cut files 🙂 

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to the CUT to YOU Newsletter.  Every 2 weeks I send everyone on the list a FREE digital cut file.  Not on the list? You can sign up here.

Until next time,

Love This | Melinda Sweetman

Hello my scrappy friends and happy Monday!! Melinda here on the blog today and I have some fun Christmas inspiration to share with you!!

I was totally inspired by Gwen’s share using the same cut file , Christmas Tree Row and couldn’t wait to use that inspiration to make something of my own! If you’d like to see Gwen’s page click here, it’s very Gwen!

I was firstly inspired by the very soft and pretty water colour in the background of Gwen’s page so started thinking of colour ideas. I quickly remembered a very pretty sequin mix I have had in my stash for a few years that I just LOVE and that is where I came up with the idea of soft pink & blue, gold and a little splash of red.

With my colour scheme chosen it was time to build my page! With that sequin mix in mind I immediately thought SHAKER pocket!!! So I cut the Christmas Tree Row in textured white card stock and then backed that with some acetate. Next up, very thin strips of foam to have room for the sequins to move around. I filled up all the trees with my very pretty sequin mix and then backed that with a sheet of water colour looking pattern paper. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shaker pocket and am so excited I finally got those sequins on a page! I also added in a few red sequins.

Working with my colours in mind I added some white gesso to my background paper (a rather simple black and white pattern), worked out placement of my shaker pocket and photo and added in my beautiful soft pink background colour. Swoon! I just love it! And of course, lots of splatters in pink, blue, gold and tiny pops of red as well!

I just love the trees on this page and how they and my photo really stand out off that background. I chose to go pretty simple with the embellishing, a few older rubber charms from a Pink Fresh Christmas collection.

A couple of pattern papers behind my photo including that gorgeous red, pink and white candy cane stripe. One of my most favourite pattern papers of all time, ever!

To finish off my page I added in some wood veneer words – “love this” – for my title and also some sprinkly veneer pieces in circles, hearts and stars. I was going to leave them plain but decided I didn’t love the wood grain on the page so I used my gold paint to paint them with a little paint brush!

I added in my journalling under the trees which just says how nice it was to have all of the cousins together to celebrate Christmas. Seeing this photo though really made me realise just how much all of the kids are growing. How quickly time goes and makes me truly grateful for this memory keeping hobby I stumbled upon. And it makes me look forward to the new memories we will make and I can record this year! Especially with some of the gorgeous new cut files in the Christmas Shop on the website!

I do have a process video for you today, just click below! I hope you enjoy!

Remember, if you don’t have your own cutting machine Gwen can cut and post to you (anywhere in the world!!) any of the designs in the store that have the custom cut option! So awesome!!

I had so much fun creating this page and I really hope that you have enjoyed my process. I hope that you are inspired to maybe get a start on last years Christmas memories or heck, get a kick start for this years, in whichever way you choose to record your memories! It was interesting seeing Gwens pole the other week in the HQ group around Christmas. If you’re not already a part of the group click here and join in the fun!

Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by, until next time!

Guest Designer – Tracey Mc Kee

Hey Creatives,
Introducing our first guest designer for August – the very talented Tracy Mc Kee!
Hey Everybody! Tracey here, I’m super excited to be a guest designer for CUT to YOU this month! I’ve had heaps of fun creating these layouts to share with you all.  I hope that you love them just as much as I do.
I started this layout off knowing that I wanted to use the ‘Concentric Hearts’ Cut file, it was just perfect for the idea that I had in mind.
I started off adding a good coat of white gesso to a thick sheet of white card stock so I could add some soft colour to give a nice hint of colour to my background.  I used Distress Oxides in the colours, Tattered Rose, Picked Raspberry, Spun Sugar and Worn Lipstick.  I simply rubbed the patches of colour onto the background in random areas and then added some water and spread the colour out with a paintbrush.  I then used my heat gun to dry it all off.
I then drew my focus to the ‘Concentric Hearts’ cut file, which I cut on plain white cardstock. I used the same oxide colours as mentioned above, plus the colour Worn Lipstick to add some colour.  When doing this, I made sure that the colours were evenly spread out.  To add them I just used an ink blending tool.
After glueing the cut file down to my background I began to work on the layers for my photo, which is of my son and his Aunty picking berries. I used pieces of scrap paper, some pink tulle and a pink doily (which was mostly hidden). I just love the way the tulle and doily add some subtle softness and texture to the layout.  I then added my title, ‘Everyday Adventures’. These foam thickers are a beautiful copper/rose gold glitter and I think that they complement the pink tones well.
For my embellishments, I went to the sticker pad from the Kaisercraft ‘Magenta’ range and added some of the beautiful watercolour flowers, butterflies and phrase stickers.  I decided to stick a few of these to white cardstock and fussy cut them so that I could add some foam tape so that they add some height to the layout.  At this point, I’m still feeling like the layout is missing something, so I added an array of pink sequins and some Nuvo drops in the colours- Copper Penny, Antique Rose, Bubblegum Blush, Party Pink, Carnation Pink, Rhubarb Crumble and Raspberry Pink.  I just love how this Nuvo drops really pack a punch when used amongst sequins.
I had such a great time using the cut file for this layout, it’s just perfect for when you want to make a soft, subtle and delicate layout effortlessly.
Back later this month with another layout share.

Sue Plumb’s latest share

Hey Creatives,

Sue is back on the blog today with her second share as our Guest Designer.  So much scrappy goodness to see!     I would also like to take this chance to say a huge thank you to Sue for joining in our celebrations this month, she is an amazing scrapper and I have so loved seeing her working with the cut files! xo

Now… onto the layout 🙂

Hi everyone!

It’s Sue Plumb here again to share another guest designer layout for Cut to You’s birthday celebration month. Today I am sharing a page I created that was inspired by the July inspiration board.

I was initially drawn to the pink & blue colour palette from this pretty board, so I used that as my starting point, choosing the ‘More Than Words’ collection from Cocoa Vanilla Studio as the basis for my page.

I chose to document a photo of some of my scrappy friends and I that was taken on our annual weekend away during a trip to a craft store.

I began with a pretty pink watercolour style paper for my background, layering it with a small paper doily and pieces of black & white floral and blue & white stripe patterned papers before adding my photo on top.

Next, I chose the ‘Let’s Party’ file, that was sent as a free file recently to newsletter subscribers, (so if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet make sure you do – nobody likes missing out!)  You can sign up here. I cut the file from white cardstock and then coloured it using ‘Tumbled Glass’ Distress Oxide and added it to my page above the layered papers.

Once the photo mat and my title were in place, it was time to embellish my page. First, I added a small label where I wrote my (tongue-in-cheek) journalling; then began embellishing my page with a sweet little banner chipboard sticker below it. Inspired by the board, I wanted to focus on butterflies as my primary embellishment.

For my first cluster, I chose a flower from the ‘More Than Words’ chipboard sticker sheet; a small punched paper flower (with an enamel dot centre), and then one of the butterflies from the ‘Mixed Butterflies’ set. (These are my absolute favourite CTY files!) The butterfly was cut from white cardstock and then coloured with ‘Spun Sugar’ Distress Oxide. To give it some extra dimension I placed a row of pearls along the body and lifted the wings up from the page.

For my second cluster, I started with a floral die cut from the ‘More Than Words’ ephemera pack, which I layered with the happiness label from the same pack and another small punched flower. Below those, I added a second butterfly from the ‘Mixed Butterflies’ cut file set, which was again ct from white cardstock and coloured with Distress Oxide. This time, instead of a row of pearls, I added a small fussy cut butterfly from one of the Cocoa Vanilla patterned papers layered over the top.

To complete my “visual triangle” and finish off my page; I added a third butterfly from the ‘Mixed Butterflies’ set, which I inked with ‘Tumbled Glass’ Distress Oxide to match my title and placed on the bottom right corner of my photo. I also added a couple of enamel dots to the body for dimension. Below it, I added another fussy cut butterfly (the same as I had used on the layered butterfly); and then, because I had to have three, I added a final one near the top of my page.

The finishing touch was to stamp the word “priorities” a few times around my page and stamp the date in the bottom corner.

Thanks so much to Gwen for asking me to be part of this month’s special 1st birthday celebrations! I loved being able to share how I use some of my Cut to You files and hope I have inspired you to play along with the July mood board challenge too. You can upload your entry via the Cut to You HQ group to be in the running to win a store voucher.

Happy scrapping!

Sue X